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  • RASHID, Yazda, and the EAMENA Project.  2019.  Destroying the Soul of the Yazidis: Cultural Heritage Destruction During the Islamic State’s Genocide Against the Yazidis. This report details the results of an investigation into cultural heritage destruction that occurred during the genocide against the Yazidis in northern Iraq by Islamic State in 2014. EAMENA team members Kristen Hopper, Graham Philip and Dan Lawrence contributed evidence for the damage and destruction of Yazidi shrines and temples through the analysis of satellite images and ground-based photographs in Section 4. We hope the report continues to raise public awareness of the destruction of Yazidi heritage and the other atrocities committed against the Yazidi community by Islamic State.  Further information can be found at and The report (as a 41Mb PDF) is open access and can be downloaded from here.

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